About Us


"CPS Admixture” (CPS) was developed by a dedicated group of chemists and flooring professionals to address concrete moisture vapor emission issues and the essential and excessive use of surface applied moisture mitigation products on new concrete slabs, which is impacting building owner's construction budgets and construction schedules.

The benefits of CPS extend beyond flooring and concrete slabs to a proactive approach that continues to strengthen our foundation. This foundation is what further solidifies our present and future relationships based on this intangible asset of education and partnerships which we so highly value.

Our complex revolutionary production process and proprietary formula is backed by a dynamic and intellectual team that is passionate about our product, process, and commitment. This driving force provides value and service to project teams requiring a solution to moisture vapor emission problems. Our message is simple; Superior chemistry combined with flooring and concrete expertise expressed through education and consultation. To further solidify the CPS advantage, we continue to be the only Moisture Vapor Reduction Admixture (MVRA) in the industry to develop a new and innovative manufacturing process. Our CPS Admix product has been exhaustively  tested by independent sources and is distributed solely through CMS/BOI regional distributors.